Alwefaq Transportation Solution Company

The building of 7 floor the administration in Olaya St. was invested in to make the movement of the employees very smooth and increase the capacity to accommodate more employees. which made us develope a new layout to achieve the goal

Banque Saudi Fransi

In cooperation with the architectural industries in Dammam . we furnish the bank headquartes and create an identity by using the logo colors

The Royal Commission for Al-Ula

With our collaboration , we furnish the unified service center for The Royal commission for Al-Ula and we got the approval for execute and deliver the same service in time and quality as requested to make smooth movement for the civilians and employees with our local made furniture.

Roshan company

In cooperation with one of the contracting companies , we execute more than one site for Roshan and matched the same workstations in the head office in quality and form (italian made) with our local made workstations and we execute more than one location is furnishingand wood works.

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